Some of my ideas and theories about Professor Layton that probably someone else imaged

1° idea and theory When Claire was still alive she tough to had a daughter named like her mother: Genevra.

2° idea and theoryimage

(this drawing portrays a 15 years old Crow with his big brother Peckel)

Crow had a big brother named Perckel. Peckel is carismatic with girls, but mean with Crow just like Eddy’s brother from Ed Edd n Eddy. Crow asked him so many times to play, but he always refused and so Crow played so many times with his imaginary friend: The Black Raven. When he was 10 he created the black market and he falled in love with Arianna, but he had seen her only in a photo and without knowing her name. His parents (like the parents of his friends) are ever busy then he cannot hardly ever see them. Whe he was 11 (a year before The Last Specter) he met a little girl named Jane Feline (she had 10 years but she looked like 7 years and she’s the daughter of a Count but he never knew it) that fell in love with him, she was so obsessive and annoying that he don’t like her (even because she’s ugly and totally stupid). Jane disapperead, but Crow thinks that she’s back to her town.image(Jane Feline when she was 10)

They’ll meet again after 4 years.


Unfortunatly I haven’t already the drawings to show up

When Emmy was little she lost her parents because of Targent. She met Bronev that helped her to stay strong. At first she doesn’t like the idea to work with the organization that exterminated her family, but she had trusted Bronev. Some years later Desmond, his wife Nora (that she looks like Emmy but just with a bow that tying her hair) and his daughter Elinor went to the theater to see “The Descole” (a musical like Rigoletto of Giuseppe Verdi). Elinor and Desmond liked very much that tragedy. In the Desmond’s birthday Elinor gave him a mask like the protagonist of the tragedy that they saw. She called him so many times “Daddy Descole”. The day after he went with Nora to an archaeological expedition leaving Elinor at home with Raymond, but he returned immediately knowing that his house had caught fire. The Target kills Nora in the Bostonius and Elinor died at home for save Raymond and the mask.

I’m sorry for my grammar, but I’m italian