Sick and tired about your yaoi!

What? For you i’m homophobic because I don’t like YAOI and YURI like you!? Goddammit! Why somebody can’t hate Yaoi and/or Yuri on tumblr? Don’t get me wrong! I’m not a fucking homophobe! I support gay rights but I hate yaoi and yuri! Why? Because for me a real gay relationship is better that what fandoms create!

"Reason why some people can be gay/bi/lesbian is because fans that make fan made coupling tend to over exaggerate the relationship and also, seem to do it cause it’s "hot, kawaii desu, ect". They see gay relationships as a fad thing and not a serious concept and you may not see it, but many homosexual and bi people do truly believe that fan made yaoi/yuri gives a bad rep to homosexuality. 

Don’t ask why people believe that as it all depends on the views of the individual. Some say it makes homosexuality as something of a fad. Some yaoi/yuri couplings over exaggerate the concept by making it too sexual and unrealistic. Changing the characters personality for the sake of a thrill if you will.

Yes hetro couples have done this too but the reason why yaoi/yuri gets the majority of the hate is because more often than not, yaoi/yuri is the most common depending on the series. Some people depending on the series, will not be able to search for a character without seeing more of the yaoi/yuri of it, which may frustrate the individual looking for some nice art.

As for characters, character creating is an art from their design to their personality and development and some people will pair characters up and disregard the character itself often for the sake of a thrill. For some that’s like taking a person’s art and alternating it some way and posting up saying “This is so kawaii!” For some people, that is extremely offensive especially for those who create characters such as myself. 

Yes fan hetro have done this as well but as I said, more often than not, yaoi/yuri fans do more of this than hetro fans thus making the subject often hated more. I hope my comment shed some light on somethings a little bit. : )” That’s what’s said TechouNoPecki

So what now? You want to call me homophobic one more time?